SEO Services

Have a product or service in place and don’t know how to get people to find you? Confused on where to start in this vastness of digital world? Rising above the ranks is now governed by your digital presence. Your search results ranking says more about you than any other metric. The number of views on your website, number of downloads, number of clicks on your ads, are all instrumental in determining the survival of idea, your enterprise in the market.

The logic is very simple…make yourself seen for people to see you.

Search Engine Optimisation makes you seen and heard.

Google being the Mr.Know-it-all of the internet, people trust the site more their own instinct and intelligence these days. The mantra of 20th century goes like this, “Make Google your friend”.

But befriending Google is not very easy. You need to be known a lot around the net for Google to feature and recommend you. Another leaf out of the online marketing scripture. Google has algorithms in place that identifies pages and recommends them to the user based on the keywords that the user types in.

The Super Web Technology Advantage

Super Web Technology makes your website visible across the internet and eventually pulls in ample traffic for Google to rank you among the top. Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, search marketing, online advertising using Google Adwords, email marketing, web based PR, online lead generation, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn Ad Campaigns boast of our vast foray of interactive marketing services portfolio.

Our SEO activities cover the following features:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website analysis
  • Content optimisation
  • Link enriching
  • Web design analysis
  • Code analysis
  • Social bookmarking
  • SEM
  • Article submission
  • Back-linking your landing pages
  • Online Press releases
  • Social media marketing

As the name suggests, we optimize your company’s presence over the net so as to make it search friendly. With rigorous link building, social bookmarking activities and other search engine marketing techniques we help you build an online brand presence of respectable repute.

All these will not only increase the website rank but also fetch you raw leads.

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